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Be welcome to Shylveria-OT!

What is Shylveria:

Shylveria is a custom tibia ot server created for players that are looking for a good server made for fun and entertainment. With a custom map that contains custom monsters, quests and hunts maded to provide the most interesting gameplay and meet friends.


We offer you a vast gameplay options with custom features made for you! Can play with client 12x to take full advantage of the server options and make your character stronger with experience bonus. Can use the client 10 to those who wants a more 'old-style' gameplay or even can try the android client, so you never miss anything from our server.


Shylveria contains a lot of fun events made for you to just spend some times and win special rewards to the winners. Also using the client 12x you can explore the client options to enchance your experience.


Shylveria was made for fun and balanced to provide all players a stable and good server to enjoy every minute, never letting players to get stronger by only donating. The donations are only to maintain the stable server and never to give special bonus to people.


We offer a large options of events for players so they dont get tired for only hunting. With the help of the wiki players can be keep track of the server raids, to have the chance to drop unique items for decoration and tunning your character with outfits, mounts and/or items.

Also there is the events that are made for fun, like the 'Firestorm event', 'Battlefield event', 'Zombie event', 'Last man standing event' and much more. All events grant players special prizes when winning and a funny experience to all players!


Gather your teammates and explore the world to take advantage of the custom areas and win special bonus. Partys that have 4 members with different vocations win much more experience, so now there is another reason for you and your friends keep playing and keep leveling up.

New players:

We offer new players a small tutorial so they can train their skills and learn something about the gameplay.

Advancing on level or skills can grant special items, outfits and mounts. Also giving some gameplay bonus to keep working on your character and hunting!


The pvp system is the old-style pvp, so killing others is possible after the protection level. Killing others give experience, Shylveria points and increase the player kda (Kill/death ratio), proving special titles to those who gets more and more kda.

The battlefield events is open to those who want to team up and enchance their skills without loosing anything. For organized pvp you can try the guild war, to conquer the server with your friends!


The house system is open for all players with the required gold and level, but there is special houses made specially for you, the castle.

The castle provide a very large area with rooms inside to fit your entire guild. The castle have special places where the members can train their skill and enjoy a completely private hunts!


The quest system grants very special items and is open on the Quest room and every quest contain a quest log so people can be learn a bit more about the Shylveria lore.

Not all the quests are available to be completed on a day. There is a scheduler on the client 12 and on the quest room where you can know which quest is open on that day and what are the requirements to make then.



The medium/high monsters on Shylveria are included on the 'level system' where their difficulty is increased based on the level but their loot and experience gets even better as high as the level is.

Killing monsters can trigger the 'bonus' or 'box' system, where can leave one frozen essence on the players foot that grant some bonus like damage, speed or experience. Also there is a small chance that when killing a monster they can drop a flame essence on their body that, when stepping on it, can make spawn other monsters so you can enjoy much more from your hunt.

The bestiary system is working with all creatures, even the custom ones. The raids monsters (except bosses) only need to be killed five times to give charm points.

Charm points are the double of the regular amount, giving more reasons to players to keep playing and spending their charm points to buy the bestiary runes, to take advantage from their hunts.

Prey system is activated too, so people can make tasks.


On Shylveria there is a large amount of tasks where players have more reasons to complete their bestiary. There is two daily tasks where players can win reward when finishing it, there is 5 weekly reward that have a large number of kills nedded but grant much more reward.

Also there is the quest tasks, where players can keep winning experience and rewards from finishing it.

Take a look at some of our features ingame, we hope that you enjoy every moment!

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