Download Shylveria Client

You Can Download OTC For ShylveriaOT.

Computer Client For Otcv8: Updated 03/15/2022

Otcv8 For Computer:

note: Android Client For Shylveria Has Been Published You Can Download It By Click Into The Photo Of Android.

Android Client For Otcv8: Updated 10/02/2021

Android Client:

You Can Download Minimap.

Updated 03/16/2022

  • Shylveria full map. (Only for OTClient)

  • -How to install?

  • 1- Run the client for the first time and close it.
  • 2- Use WIN key + R (Run window)
  • 2- Write (%appdata%/otclientv8)
  • 3- Go folder (Shylveria-OTS)
  • 4- Copy this file there then run the client.
  • Download Normal Client 8.60 as Rar

    Client 8.60

    Otland IpChanger

    If you have any installation issues please temporarily disable anti-virus for successful installation of ShylveriaOT. The client is safe and secure.

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    • Status: Online
    • Uptime: 5h 32m
    • Players: 12
    • Client: 8.60
    • Server Save: 7:00 AM
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