Name:: Command: Description: Cost:
Live Cast: !cast on
!cast off
Live Cast On / Off
20% More Experience.
Toggle Manashield !manashieldon
Toggle Manashield to on / off.
Damage Value/Percent !toggle by this command you can change your shown hits to percent or values.
Promotion !promotion this command for promotion your vocation. 10 Crystal Coins
Food, brown mushrooms !food 100X Brown mushrooms. 5 Crystal Coins
BackPack !backpack To buy backpack while you hunting. 1 Crystal Coins
Uptime !uptime Show you the server uptime.
Frags !frags Show you how many frags do you have.
War Guild !war Invite another guild to war or accept war from another guild, Please check the Guild Wars page in website,
!war invite,guild name,fraglimit
!war invite,guild name,fraglimit,money,time
!war accept,guild name
!war reject,guild name
!war end,guild name
!war cancel,guild name
Dailytask list !dailytask list to shows you how much monster's you have killed in dailytask.
Spells command !spells to shows you the spell list.
Report bug !report Report any bugs or player ingame,
example: !report Bug is here GM, check it please
Deathlist in-game !deathlist playername shows you 10X of latest player deaths
Amulet Of Loss !aol Buy amulet of loss 1 crystal coins
Bless reduction !bless you don't lose any containers. The price scale with level
Command List !commands to shows you the command list.
Autoloot system !autoloot Check commands for Auto Loot system.
Houses system !buyhouse to buy house.
Houses system !sellhouse Sell house.
example: !sellhouse "PlayerName"
Houses system alana sio Kick someone from your house,
example: alana sio "Owner Shylveria"
Houses system aleta grav Add someone who can open this house door.
Houses system aleta sio Add someone who can enter your house but can not open doors.
Houses system aleta sio Add someone to your house with more abilities like using aleta sio, open doors.
Houses system !leavehouse Leave house. If you leave/sell your house the items will not be transfer to depot, we suggest you keep your house.
Pvp System !pvpsafeon;!pvpsafeoff PVP. Toggles super safe mode on, which makes you unable to attack players at all. This is good for not getting yellow skull while using spells for example.
Known your hp/mp !hp;!mp health/mana.
To Know Attribute Points !attributepoints Attribute System.
To Open Charm Inventory !charm Charm System.
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