Q: What's mining system?

A: There are some special stones on map, you can use a special pick on them and get some Mining Stone

Q: How long does it take for a stone to appear again after using it?

A: It takes 2 hours to respawn again.

Q: What do I get with a Mining Stone?

A: Some items.

  • Semi Orkhez Helmet
  • Semi Orkhez Robe
  • Semi Orkhez Armor
  • Semi Orkhez Boots
  • Semi Orkhez Legs
  • Semi Orkhez Wand
  • Semi Orkhez Axe
  • Semi Orkhez Bow
  • Semi Orkhez Shield
  • Semi Orkhez Spellbook
  • Semi Orkhez Sword
  • Semi Orkhez Trinket
  • Semi Orkhez Ring
  • Semi Orkhez Amulet
  • Semi Orkhez Backpack
Q: Where i can exchange the Mining Stone to the reward item.?

A: There's a water machine in temple has an Mining effect you can click on it and get your reward for each click you will charged 100 mining stones.

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