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Patch (*1*)

Patch (*1*)

- We've buffed the hp of paladin from level gain 14 instead of 11.
- We've also make gold bar converted from gold nuggets.
- We've also make the req tools from gold bars [Not ALL].
- Bank system could now works to convert to you the currency.
- We've added a house system player if not active for more than 9 days in 10th days the house will be nobody and will lose their house, and also the items will be still in the house.
- In comeing server save we've make the box system steponit instead of use it so you don't need to wait for corpses to move anymore.
- We've added a new full set from reborn 19 untill 31 the items of these quests better than hellreborner 20% more.


EXP EVENT: Saturday
1ST: Start Excactly in 18:00 CEST SWEDISH TIME [3 ROUNDS]. [FINISHED]
2ND: Start Exactly in 20:00 CEST Swedish Time [3 ROUNDS].
3RD: Exp event Start in 22:00 CEST SWEDISH TIME [4 ROUNDS].

Enjoy 100% extra premium points if you donate through PayPal in the coming (48 hours) ends in Monday in server save.

by Owner Shylveria
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Shylveria Season IV

Shylveria 8.60, The New Era! launch 2022 will be our cleanest launch and together with our community and active staff we will be able to evolve to new hights and levels of joy!

Hope to see you all at launch, NOVEMBER 26th 2022, 18:00 Cest Swedish Time

IP Game : Shylveria.Net
Client: 8.60
Port : 7171

[SHYLVERIA 8.60 World Information]

-:We've added addon statues and given every full addon bonuses.!
-:We've added regular raids with fun and usefull rewards!
-:We've added new quests, new sets, new spells and hunting spots!
-:We've added new citys with hidden attribute tomes and secrets.
-:We've added A pvp task and pvp-exp together with balanced vocations to spice PvP up!
-:We've added some more monster tasks and new item missions for the first 3 rebirths.
-:We've Fixed the task system and also added Killstreak bonuses for faster leveling!
-:We've added anti-trash house.
-:We've fixed Battle, so its instant removed in PZ.
-:We've added new features, such as Team hunt, Item enchant and Referral system.
-:We've added cast system. Casting will add exp and finally you can watch the top players Hunt, or hunt them
-:We've added war system
-:You can now earn gold nuggets from killing bosses, completing tasks and missions.
-:We've balanced all vocation. And tried to go back to the main ways of playing them.
-:We've added [War Zone] for fun, maybe try the new spell or weapon on a friend without risking frags.
-:We've added Tons of new quests. And re-made some of the old ones.
-:We've put a 30 day vip medal on quests room. Go get some extra exp and hunting in the new fresh vip city.
-:We've fixed the balance on weapons and corrected their stats for a better experiance.
-:We've added donation quests for up to level 500*. theres also a special island to craft some of the best stuff in game.
-:We've added new 2 event's. And more is coming..!

-:We've added monster level. To get some variation in Hp and enemy damage scaling.
-:We've removed the free points, but there are alot of in game ways to earn some, weekly task for example.
-:Exhaust of spells while using donator runes has been fixed.
-"Orb system, when you kill a monster there is a certain chance to spawn a teleport. Step on it to receive a random bonus.
-Death channel) has been added. Who or What killed you?
-:Box system has been added, there is a certain chance for a monster to drop a present box when they die. If you click this box you will spawn four of the same monster you just killed.
-:We've added mining system so that all players have a chance to trade for some of rarest items found in game.
-:We've added daily experience in website so that you can know how much exp you have gained.
-:We've added achievement system for more style. And a Quest log so you can see which ones you have done!
-:We've also added 7 new hunting spots. for level 650+, And more coming.. keep an eye open.
-:We've also added 8 new bosses spots. for level 650+. And for Rebiths.

-:As a Bonus, You will be rewarded with one premium point for every two hours you are online.

["Download Client"]

You can now download client of Shylveria 8.60
Download Client
You can download the otcv8 and normal client with Otland ipchanger.
Click Here To Redirect To Download Clients:

["Cast System"]

to open cast use /cast on
to close your cast use /cast off
when make ./cast on you will recieved 20% bonus exp.

["Daily Task System"]

Daily task system working perfectly. By typing "!dailytask list", you are able to see what monster that need to be hunted for your daily task. Complete three of these tasks to receive a reward in Shylveria Temple.

["Monster Level"]

Monster level is working as intended which means that monsters more or less difficult depending on their level.
For each level a monster has increased we have increased its difficulty, but also the exp.
We've balanced monster level's and exp stages.

["Crep Token Shop & CT Shop"]

Where can i find Crep tokens?.

Crep tokens are awarded for killing people, bosses and fishing.
i Collect them all for nice rewards on our webpage!

Crep tokens are exchanged by the NPC Bilbo in Harber City.

["Exp Stages"]

We've updated our exp stages.
Click Here To Redirect To Exp Stages:

["Second Promotion"]

You can now be promoted a second time by using promotion doll.

From master sorecerer to [Magician], you deal 3% more damage and aquire a new spell
From Elder druid to [Priest], you deal 3% more damage and aquire a new spell
From Royal Paladin to [Sniper], you deal 3% more damage and aquire a new spell
From Elite knight to [Gladiator], you deal 3% more damage and aquire a new spell

["Party Shared Exp & P.Hunting"]

P.Hunting To enter Party hunting you need a team of four different vocations and with exp share enabled.

Party Shared Exp If you are in a party with four vocations you will receive 2X experience in shared exp. An animated text is sent to every player in the party every 10 seconds.

["Dungeon System"]

Dungeon You can enter a single dungeon room. There are only 4 monsters to be killed for you to claim the reward.

Dungeons are open from level 250.

There are 8 single dungeon room right now.

["Private Spawn"]

Private Spawn has a duration of 3 hours of hunting which starts to count when you enter to zone. When the time is out you will get an exhaust of 5 hours, you will need to wait that time until you go to private hunting zone again.

Private Spawn book There is an item called private spawn book which can make you skip the 5 hours exhaust, you can get it on our store.

["Attribute Advanced"]

How i can gain Attribute you will earn attribute by leveling advanced.

Attribute Advanced = Attack Speed, CriticaHitChance, LifeLeech, ManaLeech.".
Click Here For More Information About Attributes Advanced:

["Mining System]

Mining System Is a stone that you have to pick it by the pick item so you can get from it an mining stones.

What Is a Mining Stone Mining stones are collected by using a special pick on certain green stones. You can in turn exchange this stones for random rare items. for more info.

Click Here To Redirect To Mining Subpage:

Where i can find the mining stone You can find them in shylveria city, harber city and in certain boss spots.

["Reborn System]

You can found all contents of reborn/rebirth by Clicking Here To Redirect To Reborner Page:
Where i can find the npc? On the 3rd floor above shylveria temple. [REBORN NPC]

["Daily Events"]

Daily Events
Lms Events Every 45 Minutes
Bosses Events Every 1 Hours
Zombie Event, Hosted by staff member.
["Friday Event's"]

Exp Event EveryFriday.
Friday Event Guild Tournmanet.
Rush Event.
There's alot of event's will be hosted by our staff team.

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