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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review these questions before asking anything, it helps us inform players and gives us more time to apply the update instead of answering repeated questions in-game all the time.
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Donation-related questions

I can't donate via phone or SMS from my country, are you going to fix it?

You will have to use PayPal if your country is unsupported by both ZayPay and PayGol.

Can I exchange my donation items for other donation items or points?

Yes, but not with us, with players.

What if something goes wrong during the donation process and the points don't get added to my account?

You will then have to contact us and we will resolve it. We can trace every step, so don't worry.

Other questions

Is it legal to use bot?

It depends on what you use it for. You are allowed to use it to heal yourself or a friend and for magic training but you may not use it for gaining experience, anti paralyze, healing yourself with other characters or auto attacking!

You guys are never answering in-game, how can I contact you?

Use CTRL + R and keep the request open until you get an answer, or try the Help channel.

Will you listen to me if I have a complaint or a suggestion?

Of course we will! After all, we're not the ones playing - you are! Keep in mind to use the Feedback section of the forum.