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In order to purchase coins, we require you to agree to the following terms:

  • Shop coins are a virtual currency on Shylveria 8.60 that can only be traded in for the virtual offers listed on the "Browse Store" page on our website.
  • The payment gateways are not run by us. If you were charged for a transaction and didn't receive your shop coins, the problem is usually between you and the payment gateway.
  • We will not be held responsible for any issue that appears during your payment, or if you for any reason lose your shop coins or any item you have obtained in the shop.
  • You must be authorized to make the payment from the phone or PayPal account you are using.
  • By donating for shop coins on Shylveria 8.60, you understand and agree that:
  • We may ask you to provide proof of identity if we suspect that your payment is fraudulent, refusing to provide information that we ask you for will lead to a lockdown of your account until we complete our investigation.
  • Due to the nature of virtual goods, there is no refund policy.