Shylveria 8.60 starting in:

Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

There are currently 12 achievements on Shylveria 8.60, with more achievements being added over time!

Achievements can be earned both ingame, and participation in avrious events. You have to meet certain conditons to earn each one of them.
Here is a list of all achievements, and how to get them:
Beginner (2 players)
This achiemevent is awarded at the first login.
Addon Maker (1 players)
Show that you are familiar with the fashion of Tibia and get addons for every outfit!
Maniac (1 players)
Only for regular players. Login at least 100 times in game!
Donator (0 players)
Show that you support the server. Order at least one item of SMS shop!
VIP (0 players)
Awarded for using a Premium scroll.
Death Friend (0 players)
When dying, do it with style! Die 50 times.
Fragger (0 players)
Like to fight? Show it to everyone by killing 200 players!
No Lifer (0 players)
Let your stamina drop below 20 hours without resting!
Quest Maker (0 players)
Complete over 30% of all quests!
Lucker (0 players)
You think you're lucky? Win two times in any event!
Bug Finder (0 players)
Report any bugs regularly. This achievement is awarded by the staff.
Always Hungry (0 players)
Got a little hungry? Earn by consuming at least 200 units of food.