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Patch (*1*)
by Owner Shylveria
Owner Shylveria

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Patch (*1*)
<h1><center>Patch (*1*)</h1></center>
<h3>- We've buffed the hp of paladin from level gain 14 instead of 11.
- We've also make gold bar converted from gold nuggets.
- We've also make the req tools from gold bars [Not ALL].
- Bank system could now works to convert to you the currency.
- We've added a house system player if not active for more than 9 days in 10th days the house will be nobody and will lose their house, and also the items will be still in the house.
- In comeing server save we've make the box system steponit instead of use it so you don't need to wait for corpses to move anymore.
- We've added a new full set from reborn 19 untill 31 the items of these quests better than hellreborner 20% more.</h3>

<h1>[EXP OF SATURDAY]</h1>

<h3>EXP EVENT: Saturday
1ST: Start Excactly in 18:00 CEST SWEDISH TIME [3 ROUNDS]. [FINISHED]
2ND: Start Exactly in 20:00 CEST Swedish Time [3 ROUNDS].
3RD: Exp event Start in 22:00 CEST SWEDISH TIME [4 ROUNDS].</h3>

<h1>Enjoy 100% extra premium points if you donate through PayPal in the coming (48 hours) ends in Monday in server save.</h1>
09.12.22 23:43:35
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on 09.12.22 23:44:30

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