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PATCH (*5*)
by Owner Shylveria
Owner Shylveria

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PATCH (*5*)
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Patch (&5)</h1></span>
<h3>Hey All, So today we had a quick restart with some new patches, heres a few of the changes we did.</h3>

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Server Save:</h1></span>
<h3><strong>Global server save will be everyday in 07:00 AM CEST SWEDISH TIME.</strong> </br>
To keep our server stable its required to added global server save every 24hours.</h3>

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Monster Spawn.</h1></span>
<h3><li>Monster spawn won't be blocked by players anymore as all monsters will spawn next to players.</li>
<li>Sure 70% of quests monster won't be affected by these changes for your safe.</li>
<li>Purpose of this change to make caves always full of monsters and players can hunt better without running around the whole cave.</li>
<li>For this reason we've edit pzlocked from 60 seconds to 15 seconds, White skull from 3 minutes to 1 minutes.</li></h3>

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Charms.</h1></span>
<h3><li>We've added 4 charms bosses.</li>
<li>charms only for people with reborn 5+.</li>
<li>Bosses chance to drops charm gem is 3% for your knowledge.</li>
<img src="maydel/charms1.jpg" height="225" weight="225"/></br>
<img src="maydel/charms2.jpg" height="225" weight="225"/>
<li>To reset your charms you have to use this commands <strong>!removecharms manaleech, criticalhit, lifeleech, attackspeed.</strong></li>
<li>For your knowledge you must have 2% of each charms to be able to reset your charms.</strong></li></h3>

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Monster Class</h1></span>
<h3><li>Green Skull 25% more dmg/exp/health. 7% Chance</li>
<li>White Skull 50% more dmg/exp/health. 5% chance</li>
<li>Red Skull 75% more dmg/exp/health. 3% chance</li>
<li>Black Skull 100% more dmg/exp/health. 2% chance</li></h3>
<img src="maydel/monsterclass.jpg"/></br>

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Special Orb</h1></span>
<h3><li>Special orb chance is 10%.</li>
<li>You can easily use macro script now in orbs.</li>
<li>Each monster have its orbs with diffrent exp.</li></h3>
<img src="maydel/specialorb.jpg"/></br>

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>thers.</h1></span>
<h3><li>We've fixed attackspeed from attribute points.</li>
<li>We've fixed minor map bugs.</li>
<li>Player description onlook can be readable now instead of vertical its now horizontal.</li>
<li>Normal orbs for more speed,exp,dmg its now able to useing macro scripts because we have changed the id of teleports.</li>
<li>Attribute stats from level advanced we've updated its lifeleech to 2% instead of 1% these apply will only be affected for new characters.</li>
<li>Right now we do our best to added daily bosses system which contain a very rare item only can be obtained by bosses with very low chance to drop.</li></h3>

<h1>We've added 25% extra premium points on PayPal if you donate in the coming <strong>72 hours)</strong>
<h1>We've added activated double exp for comeing 72 hours.</strong></h1>
15.04.22 05:34:59
Edited by Owner Shylveria
on 15.04.22 07:28:50

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