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PATCH (*3*)
by Owner Shylveria
Owner Shylveria

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PATCH (*3*)
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Patch (&3)</h1></span>
<h3>Hey All, So today we had a quick restart with some new patches, heres a few of the changes we did

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Server Save:</h1></span>
<h3><strong>Global server save will be everyday in 07:00 AM CEST SWEDISH TIME.</strong> </br>
To keep our server stable its required to added global server save every 24hours.</h3>
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>thers:</h1></span>
<h3><li>We've lowered exp of gado overlord as alot of peoples was abused it.</li>
<li>We've remove deathslicer from gado overlord not blocked quests.</li>
<li>We've added cancel task from (Monster Mission) So you can now asks the npc to cancel Your task by typeing for Example (cancel Rotworm).</li>
<li>We've added bank system so you can deposit and withdraw your money from bank system. BUT NOTE: you must have some money in your backpack to use blessings Or Aol.</li>
<li>We've fixed alot of map bugs and crashes.</li>
<li>We've edit nidus boots quest.</li>
<li>We've added 50 last purchased shop history.</li>
<li>We've added attackspeed and criticial hit chance by attribute points, and we've removed manaleech and lifeleech from attribute (Area).</li>
<li>We've fixed the crashes that was caused due to reborn.</li>
<li>We've edited the exp stages.</li>
<li>We've added recaptcha in login to not allow bots to use it.</li>
<li>We've added server save time in our website.</li></h3>

<h1>We've added 25% extra premium points on PayPal if you donate in the coming <strong>72 hours)</strong>
15.03.22 00:21:58

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