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PATCH (*2*)
by Owner Shylveria
Owner Shylveria

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PATCH (*2*)
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Patch (&2)</h1></span>
<h3>Hey All, So today we had a quick restart with some new patches, heres a few of the changes we did

<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Pvp System</h1></span>
<h3><strong>Command: !pvpsafeon;!pvpsafeoff</strong> </br>
Toggles super safe mode on, which makes you unable to attack players at all. This is good for not getting yellow skull while using spells for example ITS NOW FULLY FIXED.</h3>
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>thers:</h1></span>
<h3><li>There is a new teleport in temple which some of you may exchange your level points (attribute points) to stats (manaleech,lifeleech,criticalhitchance,attackspeed).</li>
<li>Theres a new quest for rebirth 5, Nidus Ring <img src=""/>, can be found second floor of rebirth queests.</li>
<li>We have now removed the squirrels from main city, so there will be no more abusing and killing players outside temple by luring them out with monster boxes.</li>
<li>!attributepoints shows how much level_points you have.</li>
<li>now you can know if player activate/disactivate pvpsafe when you onlook on the characters in_game.</li>
<li>We've added a new look onlook characters, it can now shows MAXHP/MAXMP for reborn.</li>
<li>We've added new stat for reborn 3%MAXHP and 1%MAXMP per reset.</li>
<li>New spells for rebirth 4 are on place, who will we see use it first?</li></h3>

<h1>We've added 25% extra premium points On PayPal OR Swish if you donate in the coming <strong>48 hours)</strong>
11.03.22 01:00:33
Edited by Owner Shylveria
on 11.03.22 01:40:56

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