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Patch (*1*)
by Owner Shylveria
Owner Shylveria

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Patch (*1*)
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Patch (&1)</h1></span>
<h3>Hey All, So today we had a quick restart with some new patches, heres a few of the changes we did

Exp Stages are changed after 960. Exp used to be 0,5 900-960 then drop to 0,1 making the drop very harsh due to exp being cut in 5, now the stages are smoother and looking like this.
960-1050 : 0,5
1050-1150 : 0,3
1150-1250 : 0,2
1250-xxxxx : 0,1</h3>
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Pvp System</h1></span>
<h3><strong>Command: !pvpsafeon;!pvpsafeoff</strong> </br>
Toggles super safe mode on, which makes you unable to attack players at all. This is good for not getting yellow skull while using spells for example.</h3>
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>thers:</h1></span>
<h3><li>There is a new teleport in temple which some of you may notice, its a future feature coming soon which will be explained more later, but as a quick facts it basiclly new passive abilites</li>
<li>Theres a new quest for rebirth 4, Nidus Trinket <img src=""/>, can be found second floor of rebirth queests.</li>
<li>We have now removed the squirrels from main city, so there will be no more abusing and killing players outside temple by luring them out with monster boxes.</li>
<li>New spells for rebirth 4 are on place, who will we see use it first?</li>
<li>We have added a new item, there is now a Ultimate Sd which delivers higher singeltaget hits and are for mages and paladins.</li>
<li>Paladins Utura con have been buffed to deal some more dmg for paladins 1v1 ability.</li>
<li>We've edited exp stages in server info to be more clear.</li>
<li>We've added the nidus trinket to your quest log in your character.</li>
<li>We've edit the commands page a bit with comments.</li>
<li>We've added like 140 training spot more.</li>
<li>Alot of small changes has also been made in maps, performance and we are currently fixing the small laggs, they should be gone within a few days but be alot less already!</li></h3>
<span style="text-decoration: underline;"><h1>Attribute Advanced. (Level Points)</h1></span>
<h3>Attribute points known as level points every 1 level gain you will gain 1 attribute points. we are working to make it works to traded for (manaleech,lifeleech,criticalhitchance,attackspeed). useing level points which mean Attribute points.

Note: we will published it in less than 24 hours.</h3>
10.03.22 00:52:06
Edited by Owner Shylveria
on 10.03.22 01:08:01

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